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The Life of a Bluejeanbully [entries|friends|calendar]

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[25 Apr 2006|09:24pm]
i suck at livejournal....

but i was roped in to having a myspace.

i'm boring, and i'm pretty sure no one reads this...
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at work [09 Aug 2005|04:06pm]
im at work and bored... i spend the entire day on the computer filling my head with names of quarter horses who died long before i was born. it wouldnt be so bad if i didnt have to sit alone in an office for 7-8 hrs at a time. at least the work is on the computer so i can distract myself with other things.

anyway. i guess im updating for the sake of updating. i cant believe how soon school is starting again, i guess im looking forward to it on one hand but not on the other. living in an apartment will be a good change, and having two sisters close in age has prepared me for living with two other bitcy girls. should be interesting, but i have my own room and thats all i need. and a kitchen, which, since neither of them cook, will be adopted by me. my mom is insane and has been collecting enough kitchen stuff for three kitchens. i've got to be the only girl who for her 19th birthday gets cake pans, cook books and a set of silverware and is actually happy about it; i have my dowry and i'm well equipped to become the everyday housewife, so line up boys.

my grandpa bhas been in and out of the hospital. my mom is very blunt about the fact that he's on his way out, and its a little hard to stomach. i have yet to lose a grandparent, or really anyone close, save pets. my best friend just found out his mom has ovarian cancer, and that she had it a few years ago, treated it and went in to remission. his parents never told him and his brothers but they did now because it came back... so she's spent the past month in the hospital and he's been taking care of his 9 year old brother... i guess its just really hard, especially to know how much it hurts him and not be able to do anything about it.

this summer really hasnt been the greatest
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[04 Aug 2005|12:04am]
i hate drama.
my life sucks right now...
if i stay in the same place too long i end up just wanting to run away and not have to see or deal with anyone i know. and by too long i mean a month.
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i drove through Cumming, Iowa [14 Jul 2005|11:58pm]
[ mood | full ]

and i knew i was in the suburbs when i crossed over "Purgatory Creek"

this is what they drive in northern Minnesota.

so nothing exciting has been happening in my life. we went out to dinner for my parents' 22nd anniversary tonight. i wore a dress for the first time since probably kindergarden when i made my dad pick me out one every morning and every day at recess i hung upside down on the monkey bars. i think i realized the attention it got me from the boys. and could be why i ended up being claimed by fellow kindgergartener (and fellow Alex B.) as his "wife." bastard had a girlfriend too

danielle is coming this weekend and im going to introduce her to life outside the upper east side of Manhattan. should be a rude shock. people out east still refuse to live that you can live in a house AND live in the actual city. of course, it will mean i have to take the trek to the Mall of America, a place where real Minnesotans never really go. can't wait for the cabin though, its been so hot. my parents said they want air conditioning all of a sudden which disappoints me. i can't stand air conditioning. i thought we were the unique people who enjoyed open windows and the hum of ceiling fans. personally i think its stupid, our house doesnt get that hot and we're not usually in town anyway.

i really need a new sound system. but its a lot of money. i need one of those stackable ones so i can play my records and actually be able to hear them since right now i have my record player hooked up to the video output things on my stereo and its not capable of playing music at the volume a lot of music deserves to be played at.

i ate too much
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im alive [21 Jun 2005|07:36pm]
[ mood | tired ]

well i am still kicking and currently melting from the humidity...

school was school and i'm glad im home for the summer. i'm working at the UMN as a lab rat. and by that i mean i sit at the computer all day and enter things in to excel... but hey, i get $10 an hour and the only way to go is up.

tomorrow is my birthday. thats about all thats exciting in the future, and thats not even so exciting since 19 means nothing. you're already an adult, still a teenager and still cant (legally) drink. hopefully going to the Winnipeg folk festival second weekend in July, and D-money is coming July 16.

back to washing the windows.

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"no babies!!!" [29 Aug 2004|11:21pm]
so yes, i am alive. and at school. my room is huge! apparantly it is often used as a triple, but its just my roommate and i this year, so its really nice. i swear i have more room here than i do at home. and i have a DESK!! crazy. and a bulletin board! i have never had one before. i enjoy it. i really like all my suitemates, and our entire floor is really close, which seems to be different than other dorms.... its been disgustingly humid here, and we have to walk at least 15 minutes to all my classes, straight up this crazy hill, we all talk about how big our calves are going to be by the end of the year. but being nasty sweaty all the time makes me wish for SNOW. or just fall. i love fall. lets see... the food is pretty good, which means i am going to get fat! oh, and my mom made me bring a ROCK from the cabin because morgan needed one to hold her door open, and its become quite the point of conversation because everyone asks where it came from. and they are confused when i say "northern minnesota" and they wonder who brings a rock to college... and we named it "the fucker" since everyone stubs thier toes on it.

i miss walter and wanda. and my friends. but i like being here, i like the classes i have (american indian history gin!!) and hopefully i won't jump off the bridge in to the gorge. i really like my animal science professor, he made a point to clarify the first lecture that the notion of "animal rights" is absurd and that "animal welfare" is a different notion entirely. which is what i have grown up hearing but am not used to being taught. i thought it was pretty ballsy of him to say to a class where most raised thier hands when asked if they believed in animal rights, but he is totally right. he is from australia i think and he wrote our textbook! who writes a text book.

i don't have anything else right now.. its been pretty much the same every day. my hair is frizzy. and i still hate franz kafka!
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ah sisters and being inappropriate [12 Aug 2004|06:11pm]
zoe: any comments on your tat?
me: on my tat?
me: oh
me: haha
me: don't ever say that again
zoe: haha...no, not tit
me: i was thinking twat
zoe: but if we're going to go there, how are they doing?
zoe: getting any bigger?
me: you're my sister!!
me: anyway, everybody likes it
zoe: your twat, your tit or your tat?
me: all of the above!!
zoe: well...congratulations
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letter to a man on my hate list [12 Aug 2004|02:59pm]
dear franz kafka:

if you would like to write about society, about the wrongs of the world, about human nature, about corruption, fucking write about it. i hate existentialism, i hate you for pretending to write a novel and i hate that i have to suffer through 250 pages of characters who aren't real characters, a plot that isn't a real plot, and a setting that isn't a real setting.
i thought maybe a "novel" of your would be better than the torture that is "Metamorphosis", but it's just the same page after page of overly allegorical and metaphorical drivel. when i read a book i want there to be a story and the "message" to be subtle. go write essays.


gin left this morning, its my last day to see sarah...
one week.
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gillian [10 Aug 2004|02:30am]
"kissing dwight yoakam is like eating a dirt sandwich" - SS

i leave soon. i don't like this.
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FINALLY [03 Aug 2004|09:06pm]
[ mood | happy ]

i've been wanting this for years...

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hey! who said it could be august tomorrow??? [31 Jul 2004|10:06am]
so yes, i am alive. i haven't been motivated enough to ramble about my life in awhile, so here i go!

a quick update: i had my knee surgery July 2, yesterday was my knee and my one month anniversary!! i will expect presents in the form of checks. it's doing well, i can walk pretty normally and we are working on the hopping, skipping and jumping. i had my first post op orthepedist exam last week and the first thing they did was take x-rays, so i got to see the screws in my knee!! so now if anyone ever asks "do you have any metal in your body?" i can say "yessss i do!" ha its too early for that

what else.. i've been recouperating at the cabin a lot since i haven't been able to work... meaning i have been lying on the dock in the sun. i am the tannest i have ever been! i'll be wrinkly and cancerous by age 30. but you know, i think its worth it. when you live in minnesota and you can feel the warmth of the sun 3 months out of the year and are glowingly white 9 months of the year... i think it's ok to take advantage of it!

the looming presence in my life right now is schoooool... we leave august 19, and it is going to be interesting. since morgan is spending first semester in DC, both of my parents, morgan, me and all of our stuff are driving out together. we're driving to ithaca first and then they are continuing on to DC and from DC back to mpls.

school makes me nervous... apparantly i am in a suite-type dorm so 5 girls and i share one bathroom. my cousin is the same age as i am and is going to arizona state next year and she said every dorm room has its own bathroom, so its just her and her roommate. but her roommate socially smokes flavored tobacco from a bong... so i'm not so jealous. i've talked to most of my suitemates and i think we'll have fun next year as long as they don't primp too much!

OH! so the other day i hung out with glenn all day and we went to see "Anchorman" at the matinee. so we go up to the ticket counter, which is one of those behind glass one's with a microphone and the slot for money, and working is this 55 year old balding fat man who most likely would go home to live with his mother and jack off to animal porn. anyway, we come up to the window and are confused about the showtimes and what time is was right then, so we had to change our mind about what tickets we wanted. as the man was getting our change he forgot to turn of his microphone and i heard him mutter something, but i couldn't quite catch it. as we were walking away, glenn told me she for sure thougt he said "you don't know what you want you LITTLE BITCHES" if i had comprehended what he had said... boy he would have regretted it! shiny headed bastard

thats all i will bore you with today... say hello to the blue moon tonight!

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i like this [21 Jun 2004|09:15pm]
the fate of horses at risk...
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bonnaroo! [20 Jun 2004|12:57am]
[ mood | calm ]

so i know you all missed me! i got home thursday from Tennessee. it was so much fun! Bonnaroo was insane, we got there around noon on thursday the 10th, and hit traffic only after getting off on the Bonnaroo exit, so on the little two lane road going in to the farm, so it only took us an hour to get in and we ended up getting a really lucky camping spot. they have the fields divided up in to "blocks" with street signs and such, so we were on the same block as the "watering hole" as we liked to call it. which, in bajillion degree heat with no shade is quite a plus. we were also only about a five minute walk to Centeroo, the area where all the stages were. anyway, never before have i seen so many dirty hippies and so much open drug use. seriously, it was insane. there are vendor tents set up alongside the makeshift roads, people selling all kinds of food and stuff, and then just walking around, every other person offered you drugs under their breath, or simply held up packs of ciggarettes while shouting "Molly! rolls! shrooms!" i was offered every drug there is, and the night we were looking for weed it was actually a challenge to find. sometimes it was hard to find food without pot in it. but you get used to all the drugs fast, and when we left we kept expecting everyone we saw to be offering us drugs as they walked by.

but i was scarred for life, Glenn and i were walking by the first aid tent and we saw these guys holding down this boy, he must have been around my age, and he was totally freaking out, his eyes popping out and his chest CONVEX. it scared the shit out of us, he must have been having a bad trip or OD'd or something, but it made me wary of drugs for sure..

anyway, so my favorite acts were the Black Keys and Gillian Welch, especially Gillian, we were standing basically second row (Bobby D was at the same time so she didnt draw a big crowd) and her and her boy David were having so much fun up there, it was amazing. you gotta love her voice. i heard a bunch of others, including Kings of Leon, Los Lonely Boys, Grandaddy, beth orton, part of Dylan, the Dead... i am blanking on the rest.

what else.. oh, on saturday night we had a huge storm and it turned in to woodstock, mud-wise. it was crazy. oh we were a little unlucky in the neighbor department, they were an older couple who made real meals, and the lady really like thong bikinis (a white one and a hot pink one) and sunbathing topless around thier tent. and we saw them naked having sex. silly old people. and by old i mean she was maybe 40 and him 50.. which is old for Bonnaroo when you arent a dirty hippy!

we left sunday afternoon around 3 because none of us were Trey Anastasio fans and we heard it can take 6 hours to get out, so we beat all that. on the way out we noticed how lucky we were, there were people camped like 2 miles away! seriously, i am not a people person, and 90,000 is a lot of people, but everyone is so friendly (stoned off thier asses)and there is so much acreage that i could handle it, since crowds freak me out. so sunday we decided to drive up to the Smokey national forest, got there and set up camp in the dark, and had macaroni and cheese with hot dogs and MILK! it was the greatest meal ever. in the morning we woke up and walked down to the stream and swam, which felt amazing becuase i had never been so dirty in my life, my hair was literally dreading.

so anyway, then we drove to Virginia's aunt and uncle's house up on Clinch mountain, and jesus it was beautiful. seriously, i was in photographer heaven, i wanted to stop every mile at every run down house... but it was really fun, they live in this gorgeous log cabin with thier daughter. their house has a huge back porch and two smaller porches, and we all slept on one of the smaller porches, which isn't screened in and it rained every night. its crazy because there are no mosquitos! but somehow we are all covered in itchy bug bites now, i don't know what they are from. anyway, they took us to Elrod falls, which, since they had so much rain, was rushing and was great... i wasnt ready to come home... i love road trips.

i took 7 rolls of film in 8 days. yes, i am insane. but i am picking them up tomorrow and it will be great.. i want to go back.

so thats my story

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please mr. elephant, get out of my face [26 May 2004|08:03pm]
[ mood | sick ]

so i am in bed and i feel disgusting. i swear, if all you read was this journal you would think me an eighty year old. either way, i seemed to have gotten sick somehow and the pressure in my head combined with sore throat and ten million kleenex are going to drive me crazy.

dear Halls,
once again, thank you for the green menthol goodness of cough drops.

anyway. yesterday Gin and i went to the Como Zoo, which is worth the $1 donation they now ask for. every time i go to the zoo i am reassured that animals are my calling because i swear i act like an eight year old, i could sit and watch them all day. especially the monkeys. monkeys... they are freaky i tell you. how could anyone look at a gorilla or chimp and possiblye DENY evolution?? come on! its freaky. the lions were also very cool, the male lion was roaring!! seriously, have you actually heard them roar before? it was crazy.. ok enough about the zoo

bluejeanbully is a radioactive squirrel!!


From Go-Quiz.com
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update on my demise! [09 May 2004|11:36pm]
my body is slowly falling apart...
will i have legs at age 30? im not so sure anymore

so thursday was traumatic. at the game i went to catch an infield fly and suffeciently re-fucked my knee. oy it was the most horrible pain i have EVER felt in my life, worse than when i initially injured it. and of course my parents were on thier way to new york to get morgan and zoe is at Liz's. SO cheryl took me to the ER and i spent a couple hourse there. my knee is huge right now, its ridiculous how i managed to backtrack 3 MONTHS in the course of one softball game. arrrrgh there goes my season. and my summer is already sufficently gone.

im still excited for bonnaroo!!!!!! we leave a month from today!!!
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i am weary [05 May 2004|11:04pm]

i just thought i should say something. today i got an email from my english TA asking why i didnt turn in my required paper. WHICH I DID. and of course it is the paper i finished at the library and didnt save. oy! another reason to dislike that class

AP test today went ok. after tomorrow i am pretty much done until my chem final on the 15. YES thats a saturday! the nerve. schooools about out!

all thats left in my life right now besides school is softball. boring.

i am excited for bonnaroo. and graduating. and turning 18 so i can get my tattoo. ha
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[01 May 2004|02:42am]
how many people saw "mean girls" today??
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home on a saturday night.... [24 Apr 2004|10:25pm]
[ mood | lethargic ]

look at wanda! shes so pretty...

we had a tournament today in St. Paul. we lost to Central in the first round pretty badly, though we did rally in one inning. then we played Arlington, who lost to us badly, and then we played Edison, which was a close game. but we won, so we got Consolation champs and got a big trophy. my fourth year on the team and its the first time we have played a full three games in a tourney, much less taken home a trophy. so it felt pretty good. personally i did not have the best playing day. oy...many hits and everytime i stole i had baaad luck. plus i skinned up my knee. and both elbows. i think its obvious i need a four leaf clover.

anyway, to be a little more winy, now i dont feel so good... so i'm at home in bed. i think part of it is being out in the wind all day, but i have a stuffy nose and a belly ache... but i did manage to have macaroni and cheese for dinner, of course.

i found out about my surgery and basically they said that i have to basically be BEDRIDDEN for two weeks after the surgery, meaning that if i have it as soon as the season is over i can't go to BONNAROO!!! what?? so im having the surgery when i get home. and my summer will be miserable.. i can't get a job, i can't go out to the farm, i can't go the barns, i cant swim!! i basically am going to be a toad at the cabin all summer. visitors??? and also i have to do therapy next year at Cornell it seems. so that will be just peachy! again, why am i so goddamned klutzy?

nothing else is new in my life... are you sick of me bitching yet? hahaha

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thanks anna! [19 Apr 2004|01:23pm]
anna: on saturday my boss at the liquor store was dog sitting. his name was sully, he had golden fur and a torn ACL.
anna: he reminded me of you.
me: ha golden!
anna: kind of like you
anna: and you sort of smelled like him as well
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story of my life! [14 Apr 2004|10:45pm]
"Sometimes I am a bit ashamed of myself when I think how few friendsI have amidst a host of acquaintances. Plenty of people offer me thier friendship; but, partly because I am fastidious and have a narrow, uncatholic taste in friends, I reject the offer in almost every case; and then am dismayed to look about and see how few persons in the world stand near me and know me as I am."
- Woodrow Wilson
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